Chicago Cloud Conference 2020 is the next evolution of previous conferences, building on successes and working to create the most engaging, informative experience for our guests. Due to the popularity of previous conferences, we’ve expanded this year’s event, making it two days rather than one. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event is completely virtual, and we’re making it free to all interested parties. Working closely with local user groups again, we’ve re-crafted the conference around topics critical to our community, while continuing to explore leading-edge concepts and technologies. Guests can expect speakers to address a range of topics along a spectrum of complexity, some designed for more advanced professionals and others for more general audiences.

One of our primary objectives is to drive content selection and attendance from the rapidly expanding local technology community; members of local user groups help organize and support the conference. This conference provides a chance to interact with peers, industry experts and influential companies located in and around Chicago. We are all dedicated the transformation of Chicago into one of the world’s leading technology hubs.


The conference is run in a not-for-profit manner, meaning we donate excess profits and/or allow donations to selected charities to be considered sponsorship of the conference.  2020’s Charity selection is Lumity.org and OpportunityInternational.org

It’s important that our guests experience and open and inclusive environment, so we encourage all attendees to read our Code of Conduct.


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