Ben Rodriguez

A global technology leader with nearly 20 years of progressive corporate and startup experience who values new challenges, building relationships, and identifying solutions that deliver customer satisfaction. Strong entrepreneurial drive demonstrated through six technologies ventures and multiple product management strategies for data driven initiatives using APIs, and technology diversity pipeline development. Currently,  a senior manager spearheading XP development best practices and participating on cloud native journey at a well-known health insurance company in Chicago. I enjoy being the part of the journey to resolve technology problems related to health insurance. You can find me walking around Chicago with a mask and my dog buddy pretending to be climbing mountains.

"Steps on getting a promotion, or raise or finding a job"
Tuesday, 9/22 from 10:30am - 11:30am

Did you know there is a process to getting a promotion and a raise? In this talk I discuss the steps and planning process on getting a raise or promotion in today’s market.  I’ve synthesized over a hundreds of blogs, webinars and books on how to make your next request a success. These steps can also be used to help landing your next job.  At the end of this talk you’ll have a nice roadmap for your next request.