Dave Kaiser and Heather Conklin

After working for years as a Certified Financial Planner, Heather realized that coaching human behavior is hard and frequently frustrating. Coding for a living is basically being creative and getting paid for it. 
She is passionate about software development, Agile practices and creating meaningful products. Heather’s team develops and deploys APIs using Spring Boot, Java, React and typescript. 
In her free time, she is also a prolific maker and baker.

"Chaos Testing: Mutants & Gremlins"
Tuesday, 9/22 from 10:30am - 11:30am

So, you’re already doing Test Driven Development (TDD), and that’s great! But your boss wants you to add Chaos Engineering to improve your site reliability.
Chaos Engineering is supposedly a great tool, but implementing it sounds scary, and hard…
Like, you want us to create a bot that randomly destroys an instance so that we can test our resilience?
That’s terrifying!
It is terrifying, fair enough, so maybe we start small by implementing Mutation Testing, so you can check your safety net before doing the really high-wire stuff.
In this session, Heather Conklin, Senior Developer at HCSC, and Dave Kaiser, Associate Developer (actual high school nickname: “Captain Chaos”) at HCSC, will show you:
 – How Mutation Testing fits into the larger picture of Chaos Engineering
 – How you can get started with just a few lines of code

 – How you can interpret and act upon the results