Ian Hamilton

I’m a full stack progressive developer/architect focused on progressive-web, mobile, cloud software. I am driven philosophically as well as technologically, and committed to changing the way IT teams interact with business and ultimately the way software solutions are delivered.

For me, I live that commitment out through collaboration, and how to partner with business and the technology we can together deploy.

What makes the approach different is the symbiotic relationship that is built with the business counterparts. I want that relationship to harvest a mutual understanding so we can deliver on business market edge.

While this approach is a technical one, I develop software that is agile, or easy to change. Software should evolve immediately as the business has an opportunity. Whether it be to move into another space or to gain efficiencies, that evolution should be part of the daily operations. I am not looking for software perfection, I am looking for business perfection. Bugs we can live with ⎼ missing an opportunity we cannot.

I want to work with companies that are willing to do things differently ⎼ to push the status quo of software development. The goal is to work alongside the business teams to not only deliver a software solution, but to help establish a new, sustainable way of working. The goal is to help drive change for the organization to continue to move forward, not to continue to find new ways to secure department value. Success is establishing a cultural collaborative environment for all teams to work in.

Why Bother With Angular?
Monday 9/21 from 11:45am - 12:45pm