Lisandra Maioli and Manuel Gonzales

Lisandra Maioli – Author of the book “Fixing Bad UX” (Packt, 2018) and the chapter “UX for High Performance” for a book on Digital Marketing (ComSchool, 2016), besides reviewing several book in UX, Lisandra Maioli has two decades of a multicultural and multidisciplinary experience in different positions in Digital Communication with focus on UX, working in cross-team projects for large agencies and portals, as well as for small companies, start-ups for clients based in Brazil, US, Italy, Ireland, Germany, China, the Netherlands and UK.

Manuel Gonzales – With 10 years of experience in Graphic, Print, Web and UX/UI Design, Manuel Gonzales has been successfully managing UX/UI teams, collaborating closely to Tech, Delivery and Dev teams in small and complex projects, from different industries, for several companies in Spain and UK.

"Don't let UX/UI be a Block: Embedding Development on Product Design Process "
monday, 9/21 from 9:15am - 10:15Am

One of the biggest challenges when a company – from a start up to an enterprise – brings UX/UI onboard, it is related to the transition between product design and development. Making sure that the tech department doesn’t get included just at the end, is crucial to have a more effective delivery process. Collaboration and good communication are the foundation to this.

Defining the touch points during the design process; Setting the right communication channels for delivery and support; Choosing the best software tools to deliver; The importance of talking the “same language”; Awareness of tech constraints and limitations; Preparation during the design process. These will be a few of the topics which we will discuss during this lecture with practical examples.