Robert Boxall

Robert Boxall VP of Technology and Product at Redbox, formerly Director of Cloud Services at Netflix, is a “Hands-On” coding executive with proven experience both in building new products and teams from scratch and rebuilding large organizations around truly agile and rapid development cycles. Robert is currently leading Redbox’s digital transformation to the Cloud.

Digital Transformation is a Large Undertaking For Any Org

By Robert Boxall

Robert, having already transformed and moved his previous employer to the cloud, now is about 6 months into kicking off yet another cloud migration. This time for Redbox, moving a Microsoft Centric .NET stack from a data center into a Cloud Native .Net Core stack on Linux. He’ll share insights into the culture change required and steps taken to get a company to buy in to such a move.

Having worked at Netflix with a culture of freedom and responsibility, Robert will reflect on how moving back to traditional midwestern culture further challenges the transformation of an organization. He will also address overall cloud path, DevOps, DataOps and other with comparisons between lift and shift to cloud native and share progress and data on migration. He will share insights into approaches for both Java and .NET stacks.