Swathi Peddi and Andreea Barbaselu

ANDREEA: My name is Andreea Barbaselu and I’ve been a developer for 2 years, working for HCSC/BCBS of Illinois. I work in the Digital Portfolio, building and maintaining APIs in Java in an XP environment. Aside from coding, I enjoy being outdoors, doing all kinds of activities, from biking to swimming in the lake, ice-skating, etc. The project I am currently on is helping our members have access to their health insurance cards.

SWATHI: My name is Swathi Peddi and I did my masters in Computer Science. I have been a Java Developer for over three years working at a large financial bank and health insurance company, primarily in Java and cloud native technologies.

I live in Texas along with my husband and two children. I enjoy listening to music, playing with kids and cooking. Currently I am  working as Associate Developer at BCBS.

"Getting Started with Test Driven Development"
Tuesday, 9/22 from 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Test driven development is a huge undertaking and can be scary for many especially for those who have never been exposed to the practice. There are so many people involved beyond just the developer and so many products that can help.  Test driven development is easy to learn but takes time to master. Within this talk we discuss the steps one could take to start down the process of test driven development and some of the challenges you will encounter.